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How to download your files from Canva correctly...

First check to see your file is print ready

(Check for bleeds)

– Go to

– Locate your design under projects on the left

– When in the design space of your project click on file in the top left hand corner go to “View settings” then click on “Show rulers and guides”

This will show a dotted line around your artwork. Make sure the image goes to the edge if you see white space.

Incorrect Bleed

Correct Bleed

Adjust the background, images so the whole boarder is covered and then you are ready to download!

Now you are ready to download the file!

To Download the file:

Click on file in the top left and then go down to download.

– A box will appear on the top left, click on the drop down called “File types” and select “PDF Print”.

– When the PDF Print you click on the check mox called “crop marks and bleed”.

– Click download


Now email us the file and to


Having Trouble??

Just share your design with through canva and we will download the file.

– Go to your canva design

– Click share on the top right

– Type in under “Share this design”

– Finally, let your customer service rep. know you sent a design to our Canva account